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2018 Quantum Complex Matter QCM workshop on nanostructures, spin orbit coupling, Metal-to-Insulator transitions


January 4, 2018
RICMASS Via dei Sabelli 119 A , 00185 Rome.


  • 10:30 Opening: Antonio Bianconi (Ricmass)
    Fano resonances from 1935 to 2018

  • 11:00 Maria Vittoria Mazziotti (Roma Tre University)
    Fano Resonance near a Lifshitz transition in is a superlattice of weakly interacting quantum wires

  • 11:30 Augusto Marcelli  (LNF, INFN Italy)
    Metallic films: conductivity properties vs. work function. New opportunities for accelerators and other technological applications

  • 12:00 Nicola Poccia  (Department of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, USA)

  • 12:30 Alessandra Lanzara  (Physics Department at the University of California, Berkeley and in the Materials Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - LBNL)

  • 13:00 Giancarlo Della Ventura  (Roma Tre University) to be confirmed
    The iron oxidation dynamics vs. temperature of a synthetic potassic-ferro-richterite

  • 13:30 Lunch

  • 14:30 Alessandro D'Elia (Università di Trieste & Elettra)
    Electronic and structural properties at the nanoscale across the metal-insulator transition in VO2 thin films

  • 14:45 Salvatore Macis (Universita’ di Tor Vergata, Roma)
    Deposition and characterization of MoO3 films on copper to improve accelerating technologies

  • 15:10 Giannantonio Cibin  (Diamond, Oxford) to be confirmed

  • 15:30 Michael Di Gioacchino  (Roma Tre University)
    Levy Distribution in Active matter out-of equilibrium

  • Round Table