3rd 2018 RICMASS Workshop

Correlated disorder in biological and complex matter


Monday 22 January 2018
RICMASS Via dei Sabelli 119 A , 00185 Rome.


  • 10:30 Alessia Cedola, Michela Fratini (CNR- Nanotec, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy)
    Morphological and structural analysis of central nervous system with advanced x-ray imaging techniques

  • 11:00 Michael Di Gioacchino (Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy)
    Correlated disorder in out-of-equilibrium myelin ultrastructure at nanoscale and mesoscale

  • 11:30 Fabio Bruni  (Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy)
    Water network at a protein interface: percolation and beyond

  • 12:00 Andrea Giansanti  (Sapienza University, Rome, Italy)
    Protein intrinsic disordered, hydration and food science

  • 12:30 Gabriele Ciasca  (Cattolica University, Rome, Italy) to be confirmed
    Elasticity of cancer cells and tissues: from the physics laboratory to the clinical practice

  • 13:00 Lunch

  • 14:30 Discussion and short communications