The Nobel Prize in chemistry to John B. Goodenough


In the first raw from left to rigth: Takeshi Egami, Antonio Bianconi, John Goodenough, Charles P. Slichter.

Today Oct 9, 2019 the scientific community of Superstripes is very happy for the announcement of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, to John B. Goodenough.
We all congratulate with John for the discovery of Lithium batteries but we all think that : "John finally won the prize" since he made so many other beautiful discoveries in the science of quantum materials.
John B. Goodenough with Alex K. Muller [nobel Laureate] and Lev Gor'kov [Ugo Fano Gold Medal] has partecipated at the first Stripes conference (held in 1996) and at many following Stripes and Superstripes conferences where he presented the key role of pseudo Jahn Teller polaron stripes and for new of phase segregation in perovskite high Tc superconductors.

The picture was taken at the Sripes conference held in Rome in 2004


John B. Goodenough at the first STRIPES conference 1996.



Interview with 2019 Nobel Laureate John B. Goodenough.