The Rome International Center for Materials Science of Superstripes onlus


is a multidisciplinary international center operating at the forefront of scientific culture and technology for R&D on natural sciences and engineering of the non profit organization Superstripes onlus.

Superstripes onlus is a recognized non profit organization for the promotion of science and arts based in Rome , via dei Sabelli 119A, 00185 Rome, Italy. The purpose of RICMASS is to contribute to advances in understanding of complex systems for solving global problems in energy, optics, electronics, information technologies, healthcare, and environment.

Founded in 2012, RICMASS is a center based in the Sapienza University area in Rome, Italy.

The Center has an operating model that promotes combined skills of both multiple world top leader universities and research centers in Physics, Materials, Chemistry, Engineering, Medicine, and Earth Sciences.

The RICMASS is involved in international collaborations with relationships with broader scientific and industrial communities


The RICMASS has been founded in 2012 after several years planning as a result of several key academic and scientific considerations.

RICMASS is run by the association "superstripes onlus" for advances in scientific culture and humanities founded in Rome 24 october 2001, with fiscal code CF 97241860580, recognized as non profit organization "onlus" by "Direzione Regionale del Lazio Agenzia delle Entrate" of Italy and registered in the "Anagrafe Unica delle onlus" since 19-7-2002.

It operates under the stewardship of the scientific Director, the Scientific Council (SC), Advisory Board (AB), and the Board of Research Directors of associated research units (BSD).


RICMASS is located in Via dei Sabelli 119A, 00185 Rome, Italy

Code of conduct of RICMASS

This is the Code of Conduct for RICMASS.

RICMASS is governed by the director with the Scientific Council (later referred to as SC).

Scientific Council consists of Council Members. One of the Members of the scientific council is the scientific director.

Director: Scientific Director (SD) is responsible for management of all scientific projects and administration, people management of the Center, contracts with research centers and universities forming nodes of the RICMASS network and external relations.

Advisory Board (AB) Advisory Board consists of international leaders in different scientific fields.

Board of Research Directors (BRD): Research centers in different countries can become nodes of the RICMASS network by the signature of the a memorandum of understanding with the president of the non profit organization for advanced studies : superstripes-onlus. The Board of Research Directors (BRD) is formed by the research Mainperson of each node of the international network.

Members: The Members of RICMASS may have research or teaching commitments in other research organizations, universities etc.

The Membership is free of charge.

Membership of a new scientist is proposed by a member of RICMASS.

After invitation by the director of RICMASS, the candidate member should made a formal request. The list of candidate scholars are selected by the appointment committee and should be approved by the scientific director of RICMASS and by the scientific council.

Some members may hold permanent or fixed term assignments in RICMASS subject to SC approval and availability of grant/other funding.

Temporary Scientific Roles: Research fellows have temporary appointments; will be financed by respective grants, subject to grant owner and SD approval or supported by third parties.

Code of Conduct prevails over any other policy or procedure of the RICMASS.