Bequest to superstripes onlus



Bequests are gifts made through your Will to the charitable causes that are important to you. We are extremely grateful to those who have been kind enough to remember the SUPERSTRIPES ONLUS in their will.

Through the generosity of bequests, we can promote and advance science research with the aim of finding new therapies against diseases, and of supporting talented joung scientists.


Donations to the non profit organization superstripes onlus

can be made by Pay Pal



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Donations for RICMASS
could be sent to the non profit organization SUPERSTRIPES ONLUS

Via dei Sabelli 119A,
00185 Roma, Italy,
C.F. 97241860580

donations are tax deductible and can be made via bank wire transfer

    account holder : SUPERSTRIPES-onlus
    holder address: Via dei Sabelli 119A, 00185 Roma
    Fiscal Code: 97241860580

    bank name: CREDIT AGRICOLE CARIPARMA Roma - Agenzia 25
    bank address: Via Colonna Antonina, 33 - Roma
    IBAN code: IT57X0623005031000040475382
    SWIFT code: CRPPIT2P137