General Instructions,

The aim of the October 2003 Erice Workshop is to provide the opportunity to discuss and deepen the following key topics on the physics of High Tc Superconductivity that give the titles of 9 round tables:

1) Quantum Critical Point: Yes or Not?
2) Anomalous Electron Lattice Interaction
3) Heterogeneity
4) Polarons and Elastic Interaction
5) Symmetry of the Superconducting State
6) Shape and Feshback Resonances in Condensates
7) Anomalous Superconductivity and Low Symmetry System
8) Two Gaps Superconductivity
9) Inhomogeneities and Electron Correlations

The colleagues indicated in the program in each round table are expected to present their views on the topic with 2 - 4 transparencies (and should avoid the PC’s presentation). Each participant is invited to contribute with about 3 transparencies to any round table.

The underlined chairmen are expected to introduce the argument with a brief general introduction.

We hope that the structure of this Workshop will allow the convergence of different points of view, for the advancement of our field.

Alex Müller and Antonio Biancon