The contributions presented at STRIPES04 will be published in a
Special issue of the


All contributions will go through a standard review process.
The manuscript length including figure should be 4 printed pages of the journal.
The full text in word RTF(including title+ abstract+text+rferencees+figure
captions) should not be longer than 13500 charcters (with spaces).
The maximum number of figures (made of a single panel) is 4.
This is not a camera ready publication, and the rules are similar to
those in Phys.Rev.
Namely,each paper should be typed on one side,single column, double
space,the figures are in the end, and the
figures captions are on separate page.

Each author should submit the manuscript as follows:
1)three hard copies,
2) a separate set of figures
3) transfer of copyright
4) a disk
5) to the Conference Secretariat:
Anna De Grossi
Tel +39 06 49914343 Fax +39 06 49914387

Each participant will receive a copy of the issue
The deadline for the manuscript submission is

August 30.

Please visit the Kluwer web site for further information on the paper format