Confirmation of 203 K superconductivity at Superstripes 2015 on June 17, 2015

On June 17, at the Superstripes 2015 International Conference in Ischia Continental Congress Center organized by the Rome International Research Center for Materials Science Superstripes (RICMASS) attended by 250 invited world top level specialists in the field of superconducting complex materials, Mikhail Eremets presented in his talk [1] compelling evidence for the confirmation of 203 K superconductivity.

The experimental report clearly shows that the compound expels magnetic fields, a second key feature of the superconducting phase, beyond the drop of resistivity to zero reported in the early report in December 2014 [2]. While the discovery was object of skepticism at the March meeting in San Antonio [3] the compelling results presented in Ischia [1] have been well accepted by the scientific community. On a special session at Superstripes 2015 conference on novel high temperature superconductors news of multiple experimental confirmations in different laboratories of the Eremets discovery emerged in discussion.

At the Conference Closing session on June 18, 2015 it was announced that the “Ugo Fano” Prize winners for 2015 are Lev Gorkov for the key contribution to the theory of superconductivity and Mikhail Eremets for the discovery of high temperature superconductivity above 190 K. The Ugo Fano gold medal will be given to Lev Gorkov and Mikhail Eremets in the Award Ceremony in December in Rome.

“It is the main breakthrough toward room temperature superconductivity since the discovery of the cuprate superconductors,” says Antonio Bianconi of RICMASS. The discovery provides evidence for a 40K temperature jump from the superconductor known so far with the highest critical temperature bringing the quantum superfluid phase at -70 Celsius (°C) centigrades.

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